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Dr. Stranger" Producer Jin Hyuk Mystery And Mellow

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 01, 2014 08:25 PM EDT


There are only three episodes left for "Dr. Stranger" and producer Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts on the drama.

On June 26th, Producer Jin spoke at a food establishment in Kangnam-gu, Seoul.  He started by saying, "The staff and actors are really working in the most non-ideal situations to lead on the drama and acting."  The drama has been attracting a lot of attention with an unconventional storyline of a North Korean defector doctor and a mystery as well as a love story.

Prodcuer Jin said, "It's a drama with many genres so it's not easy at all.  The way it works in Korea Is that you have to make the script before, but filming Is still difficult.  So the fat that a drama has multiple genres makes it even more difficult for the actors and the staff."

The producer expressed that at some times, he wishes the mystery could be resolved sooner.  Nonetheless, the most shining parts are that the acting is even more phenomenal than what he had expected.  Moreover, after "Dr. Stranger" was aired, it's gaining great popularity in China and will also be made into a movie.

Meanwhile, "Dr. Stranger" is about a genius doctor Lee Jong Suk that was born in South Korea but raised in North Korea and his conflict against the most elite doctor of Korea, Park Hae Jin. The two of them face the greatest conspiracy in a medical drama and fusion drama. It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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