Horror Movies Of 2014: Fatal Frame Movie Trailer Will Give You Goosebumps! Relive The PS2 Horror Classic As It Will Hit The Big Screen On Sept. 26!

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Fatal frame

One of the most revered horror games in the PS2, Fatal Frame, will be hitting the big screens! Will it be comparable to the likes of The Grudge?

According to 4geekslikeyou, a new teaser was released for upcoming Fatal Frame live-action film, Zero. Zero is a film adaption of the novelization of famous horror game franchise, Fatal Frame. The film is being directed by Asato Mari (Ju-On: Black Ghost, Ring of Curse,) and stars Seventeen magazine models Nakajo Ayami and Morikawa Aoi as Tsukimori Aya (who's involved in some curse magic in her dormitory) and Kazato Michi (Aya's classmate who's trying to get to the bottom of the disappearances at the dorm) respectively. Check out the teaser from the official site below!

For starters, gamers will control protagonist Miku Hinasaki through four chapters (called "Nights") as she searches for her brother Mafuyu. Miku's only weapon is the Camera Obscura, an antique camera that can photograph and expel spirits. However, the camera also relies on "ammunition" - films, which prepare a certain amount of shots for the player. There are different types of films scattered throughout the game, and each type of film possesses a different strength. The camera also contains several special abilities, which must be unlocked using spirit points, which can be gained by capturing ghosts.

Zero is set to release in Japan Sept 26. Also to come in the fall is a new installment to the Fatal Frame series; this new game will be playable on the Wii U, a console that is perfect for a series that utilizes a camera obscura greatly to take down enemies.

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