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K-Drama Actresses Who Love Doing Action Scenes

BY Julie Jones | Jul 10, 2014 01:45 PM EDT


Action scenes are not just for k-drama or k-movie actors. Some actresses enjoy action scenes too. Son Ye Jin is about to display her action skills in her new film "Pirates."

In a poster for her new film, Son Ye Jin is dressed up as a female pirate and its representative of her character, who brandishes a sword, climbs ropes, and leaps through the air doing a 360-degree turn.

Kim Young Ho, the film's director, was impressed with her skills.

"She's going to get cast for many action movies after this because she's just that good."

Her co-star Kim Nam Gil agreed.

"She said it was difficult but she did it so well that the director could not stop praising her. It doesn't seem like her first time in action scenes.

Ha Ji Won is perhaps the actress most famous for doing her own action scenes. She rides horses, climbs, swims, boxes and can ride a motorcycle, all of which she did without a stunt double in her dramas and films. She has been called the Korean Angelina Jolie.

Jun Ji Hyun may now be best known for playing a temperamental Hallyu star in "You Who Came From The Stars, but she also trained in martial arts for the Chinese-Argentinean film "Blood: The Last Vampire." And Director Ryu Seung Wan praised her action scenes in the 2013 spy thriller "The Berlin File." She was injured during an action scene when an empty cartridge lodged shards in her skin. But that did not deter her.

"Jun has shot so many action films that she's just a pro at it now. She's especially good with wires,"  Ryu told the Korea Joongang Daily.

When Lee Ji Ah acted in the 2010 spy drama "Athena: Goddess of War," she did not use a stunt double for her action scenes, which often left her bruised.

"I have always worked out regularly and my stunt double is on set with an extra set of my clothes but I wanted to do the scenes myself," she said at the drama's press conference.

She was not sure she could pull it off at first but refused to think about the danger involved

"I was able to immerse myself into my role, even though I hit my head and got bruises all over my body, because shooting a drama in a different country like Italy which has such rich and deep history, is such a new experience."

Action scenes are not for everyone, but they can help pump up the adrenaline and propel an actress into a role.

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