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Confirmed! Attack On Titan Season 2 Will Be On July 26! The Crimson Arrows Arriving November 22! Serbian Cosplayer Gives Mind Blowing Costume

BY wyrdarah | Jul 10, 2014 11:01 PM EDT


Tired of waiting?

Well, here's the good news for Attack On Titan fans! Season 2 will be aired on July 26 2014.

Rocket News 24 said that the show producer Wit Studio had already confirmed the airing date of Attack On Titan Season 2 which will be on July 26, 2014. Given that there will be 2 movies, the first film already has its official release date. 

According to the same source, the print ad of the first theatrical feature Attack on Titan - The Crimson Arrows, will open on November 22 which will fall on a Saturday. However, Wings Of Freedom has no confirmed date of release but the target year is in 2015.

It's hard for the fans of this anime to believe the confirmation of the release dates of season 2 and movies. Way back in April, GMANetwork website reported the release of the anime.

However, they had confirmed that their report was just a prank and one of their sources was Otaku house. Many got disappointed after they've found out that it was just a hoax

According to, since tickets are now available for The Wing Of Freedom, Japanese viewers have already purchased tickets for the preparation for the Attack on Titan : Crimson Arrows released date in November. .

Meanwhile, Serbian Cosplayer took Attack On Titan cosplay. 

RocketNews24 featured 32 year-old artist Borivoje Naumovski is also a YouTuber and cosplayer from Serbia. He cosplayed Erwin Smith, Commander of the Survey Corps. But, what made him popular is with these mind-blowing cosplay pictures: just check out this link 

(Warning: Don't open this link in public places if you don't want people spying on your screen and hear buzzing)

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