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Yoona Drops 'Nodame Cantabile' To Film Chinese Movie 'Goodbye Ani'

BY Chin D | Jul 14, 2014 10:51 AM EDT


The search for Nodame continues.

After much consideration, it turns out that Girls' Generation's Yoona will not be taking part in the Korean remake of the Japanese drama "Nodame Cantabile."

It was previously reported that the idol-actress was leaning towards accepting the role, but it seems like she has other projects to pursue.

SM Entertainment announced on the 14th, "We received other casting offers, and after discussing the details, we have decided to decline the offer for Yoona to headline in 'Nodame Cantabile'."

Instead, Yoona will be making her big-screen debut by starring in the Korean-Chinese movie production "Goodbye Ani" as the heroine Ani, a bubbly and cheerful character.

Not much is known about the movie, but it was announced that filming will begin in October, and that Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng was offered the role as male lead.

Yoona's withdrawal from the drama leaves "Nodame Cantabile" without a main character once again, leaving the viewers wondering who will take place as the quirky and four-dimensional Nodame.

"Nodame Cantabile," which will be going under the name "Cantabile Romance" for the Korean release, has so far confirmed the participation of Joo Won, Bae Yoon Shik, and Tiny G's Do Hee.

The drama is scheduled to premiere on October.

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