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Katy Perry Stalker: Man Breaks Into Kennedy Compound, Looks For The ‘Roar’ Singer; Says He Has A Gift For The ‘Teenage Dream’ Star

BY Gel Dee | Jul 17, 2014 08:42 PM EDT


Katy Perry's stalker was arrested in the Kennedy Compound in Barnstable, Massachusetts after breaking in and saying that he is looking for the "Roar" singer. He added that he has something to give the "Teenage Dream" star.

The man was identified as James M. Lacroix, 53-year-old, and is said to be under a mental problem.

According a report by the Huffington Post, authorities' responded to a call on July 15, Tuesday, from Ted Kennedy Jr.

Ted Kennedy Jr., the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, found out that an unidentified man broke into their house where his 16-year-old son was staying.

He was reportedly in Connecticut when he phoned home on Tuesday morning to check on his teenage son but the alleged Katy Perry stalker, James M. Lacroix, was the one who answered the call.

Authorities found the alleged Katy Perry stalker sitting on a couch while reading a book. James Lacroix was also wearing a Captain America T-shirt, Mirror said.

The police said that the alleged stalker went to the Kennedy's vicinity to "see Katy Perry and John F. Kennedy." He added that he had a gift for the "Roar" singer.

Ted Kennedy Jr.'s son meanwhile told the police that he initially thought the man was a family friend as he was very relaxed in their house. He said that they had a very interesting and comfortable conversation before the boy went out to her pal's house and left the man in their house.

The teenage son was reportedly unharmed following the breaking in incident.

The officials added that the alleged Katy Perry stalker may have been suffering from "longstanding psychological issues" and will be evaluating his mental condition while the case is ongoing.

The man was arrested and charged for breaking in the compound. His arraignment was held in the Barnstable District.

Meanwhile, "Roar" singer Katy Perry is in her Prismatic World Tour when the incident happened.

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