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Jun Ji Hyun Earned 20 Million Dollars From Ads Since 'Man From The Stars'

BY Chin D | Jul 21, 2014 11:41 AM EDT


As expected from one of the biggest stars of 2014!

On the first broadcast of Channel A's "Dominant 7," actress Jun Ji Hyun's income was featured, showing that the top star has earned more than 20 billion won (~$20 million) from advertisements alone since the conclusion of her drama "Man From The Stars."

Jun Ji Hyun advertises a variety of items, from cosmetics and home appliances, to food products and clothing, showing her dominance in the field of entertainment.

In addition to her popularity in Korea, she is also considered a top actress in China, with her drama "Man From The Stars," and films "The Thieves" and "The Berlin File," gaining massive attention from fans.

Even with controversies surrounding the actress, like modelling for a water brand in China that caused backlash from Korean netizens, and starring in an advertisement that was rumoured to be plagiarized, her status as the advertisement queen is unparalleled.

Advertising professionals state that Jun Ji Hyun is popular among young women because she is looked up to as a role model, and popular among those in their thirties because she pulls off the balance between having a personal life and a professional life.

Currently, Jun Ji Hyun is taking her time resting while filming for commercials every now and then, and it's only a matter of time before she shows her fans another unforgettable performance.

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