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Kim Woo Bin Chosen As Most Well-Mannered Celebrity By Reporters

BY Chin D | Jul 21, 2014 11:50 AM EDT


Despite being popular among fans for his tough and rebellious roles, Kim Woo Bin is actually one of the most well-mannered celebrities, according to reporters.

On the July 20 episode of the program "Sunday Section," a panel of reporters talked about celebrities who act different from their physical appearance, and actor Kim Woo Bin was mentioned as a kind and well-mannered celebrity despite his looks.

As an actor, he is well known for portraying rebels and bullies, types of characters that he pulls off perfectly because of his chic and edgy features, such as Choi Young Do from "The Heirs," Park Heung Soo in "School 2013," Kim Dong Hyup in "A Gentleman's Dignity," and Han Sung Hoon in the film "Friends 2."

However, because he is typecast in a certain kind of role, most people fail to see the person behind his characters.

One panelist commented, "Kim Woo Bin takes on a lot of rebellious and tough roles, but in real life, he's really polite and courteous."

Another panelist pointed out an incident with veteran host Kim Gura, in which Kim Woo Bin sent him a very respectful and polite message, a gesture that the usually frank host appreciated.

Reporters are not the only ones taken by his charm. His "The Heirs" co-star Kim Mi Kyung stated, "When I met him, I thought he was unruly, but he turned out to be shy and kind. He always eats ramen, and I end up wanting to cook for him."

Park Shin Hye also said about him, "He's the type to stand by you when you're having a bad time. He consoles me, and he's also really manly."

Kim Woo Bin's real personality teaches everyone not to judge someone by their outer appearance.

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