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Gong Hyo Jin Says Jo In Sung Is Funny

BY Julie Jones | Jul 22, 2014 12:55 PM EDT


In "It's Okay, It's Love," Jo In Sung plans to try something different. He wants to be funny. And fortunately, he has chosen the perfect actress to be funny with.

"You'll be able to see a lot of funny stuff from Jo In Sung in this drama," said Gong Hyo Jin.

The actors will co-star in the drama about a relationship between a psychiatrist and a man with mental health issues.

Viewers can trust that Gong Hyo Jin knows what she's talking about when it comes to comedy. The actress has a way of making any co-star even funnier. If you see outtakes from "The Master's Sun" it's obvious she made So Ji Sub laugh so many times that they often stopped filming. The drama was So Ji Sub's first attempt at comedy and before the drama began he worried about pulling it off.

"I worried about how well I would do in a comedy and how others would see my performance," said So Ji Sub. "I considered many different things and did my research. Everything from my hand movements to my walk was carefully planned."

But he said that acting with Gong Hyo Jin really helped bring out his funnier side. Early on in the filming, he praised her as the best comedic actress in the business. Her character saw ghosts and often wanted to touch him because then the tormenting spirits would disappear. So Ji Sub said that every time she touched him he wanted to laugh.

In past dramas Gong Hyo Jin has also helped other actors deliver comic performances. She played a has been singer in "The Greatest Love" with Cha Seung Won. She played a determined prep chef in "Pasta" with Lee Sun Kyun. And she made both actors smile.

Although Jo In Sung has worked in films and dramas with a romantic theme before, he hasn't really tried comedy. He has proven his skills at melodrama. Last year Jo in Sung made viewers weep as the con artist who falls for his prey, a blind heiress in "That Winter The Wind Blows."

But will he be able to make them laugh when he plays the novelist, radio DJ and player Jang Jae Yeol? Gong Hyo Jin, who plays his psychiatrist in "It's Okay It's Love," believes in his comic ability. So the drama, which begins this week, should at the very least be fun. Tune in on July 23rd.

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