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'My Secret Hotel' Mixes Mystery And Romance

BY Julie Jones | Aug 07, 2014 09:45 AM EDT


One hundred days is usually the time when a k-drama couple celebrates their relationship but in "My Secret Hotel," two of the characters only stayed married that long and then decided to divorce. That twist is the set up for a drama that involves both mystery and romance.

Yoo In Na, last seen as actress Yoo Se Mi in "My Love From Another Star," plays Sang Hyo, a wedding planner. Sang Hyo works at a very upscale hotel and she is great at her job. Her cheerful personality and attention to detail make her the perfect wedding planner. But she was not so good at being married. She is an ace at managing a wedding ceremony but being married was rough. Seven years have passed since her divorce and she is sure she has moved on. That is until she sees her ex-husband again.

Jin Yi Han, last seen as Tal Tal in "Empress Ki," plays Hae Young. He's a famous architect who is staying at the hotel where Sang Hyo works.

Nam Goong Min, last seen in "I Need Romance 3" and 'Wild Chives and Soybean Soup," plays Sung Gyeom. He is Sang Hyo's boss at the hotel. He's in a love triangle with public relations pro Eun Joo and Sang Hyo. Lee Young Eun, who had a small role in the drama "Gap Dong," plays Eun Joo.

But "Secret Hotel" is not just about romance or the reunion of the formerly married. There will be a murder mystery to solve as someone is killed at the hotel. And the murder mystery has something to do with Sung Gyeom's past. According to the drama's poster, Sang Hyo says, "At my ex-husband's wedding, a body fell from the sky."

Wait, ex-husband's wedding? That means Jin Yi Han is at the hotel to get married and Yoo In Na has to arrange the details. That should be interesting. And perhaps for Yoo In Na's character, that discovery is more horrifying than a mysterious murder.

Is she really over him? Is she over him enough to see him married to someone else? And how did that body fall out of the sky?

"My Secret Hotel," which has been described as a "killing romance," will air on August 18. It will follow the final episode of "High School King of Manners."

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