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Jun Ji Hyun is a charismatic fashionista

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 14, 2014 01:31 PM EDT


Actress Jun Ji Hyun's pictures from her recent fashion shoot were released. On Tuesday, a clothing brand released fall fashion pictures of actress Jun Ji Hyun, who models for the brand. In the pictures, Jun Ji Hyun wore monotone, mostly gray clothes, such as jackets and dresses, and showed off her charisma and her unique chic, city-like charms. Actress Jun Ji Hyun showed feminine charms in a picture where she matched a black dress with a gray jacket, and chic charms in a picture where she wore a black jacket. In addition, actress Jun Ji Hyun suggested an upgraded style of the "Chun Song Yi coat," the trench coat she wore in the popular SBS drama "You who came from the stars." Her suggested style was to wear a pair of leather leggings with the brown trench coat for the fall. In related news, actress Jun Ji Hyun is looking for the next drama or movie after the SBS drama "You who came from the stars." 

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