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Yoo In Na And Nam Goong Min Promise Plenty Of Chemistry In 'My Secret Hotel'

BY Julie Jones | Aug 15, 2014 09:56 AM EDT


Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min are preparing to co-star in the drama "My Secret Hotel" and it sounds like the two actors are looking forward to working together.

The actress, who recently starred as Jun Ji Hyun's frenemy in "You Who Came From The Stars," said that she was excited about working with both of her male co-stars.

"I was curious about the two male leads from the very beginning," she said at a press conference for "Secret Hotel." "I was satisfied when I heard they would be Jin Yi Han and Nam Goong Min. I've always liked these actors."

And she was not disappointed when she met them.

"After meeting them, I saw they personified their characters even better than I expected," said Yoo In Na.

When asked about his future co-stars Nam Goong Min only mentioned Yoo In Na.

"Her character needs to be very lovable," he said. "However Yoo In Na is already so lovable that she does not even need to act."

The actor, who was last seen in the comedy "I Need Romance 3" and in "We Got Married," was asked to compare Yoo In Na to his "We Got Married" virtual wife Hong Jin Young. Which actress did he find more lovable?

He cleverly said that in this role Yoo In Na was definitely more lovable.

But it was not just her new leading men that prompted Yoo In Na to take the role of a wedding planner with an ex and a current boyfriend. She also thought the script for the tvN comedy sounded like a lot of fun.

"I chose 'My Secret Hotel' after reading the script because I thought it sounded really fun," she said. "It was just as fun as when I read the script for 'You Who Came From The Stars,' if not more."

That's a promising recommendation as Yoo In Na has a good track record in choosing successful dramas. Before "You Who Came From The Stars" she played the leading role in "Queen Inhyun's Man" with co-star Ji Hyun Woo. Their onscreen chemistry led to a real-life relationship but the couple has since broken up.

The chemistry between Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min also sounds promising.

"My Secret Hotel" begins Aug. 18 and will run for a total of 16 episodes.  It also stars Lee Young Eun, Choi Jung Won and Ha Yeon Joo. Hong Jong Chan is the director. Kim Do Hyun is the screenwriter.

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