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T-ara's First US Performance Scheduled in April

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 15, 2012 09:16 PM EST


T-ara, with their first single in Japan 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' debuting at number 1 on the Oricon weekly chart, has been hitting successful debuts overseas, including an explosive response in Europe.

The much-buzzed singer group will land on the U.S. in April to hold their first performance.

As the groups' popularity skyrockets in whichever part of the world they visit, there is no doubt that they will charm the American audience as well.

What is in them that charms many? What makes them stand out among countless Korean idol groups?

We can say it's their music that connects all generations. Sure, their songs 'Roly Poly" or 'Lovey Dovey's shuffle dance style is popular among teenagers. At the same time, this type of music can be enjoyed by all, even the older generations.

The wide range of acceptance T-ara is receiving is probably not merely based on their music alone. The group member's extensive experience as a multiplayer in different fields is revealed in their music style - forming distinct T-ara's music.

If you look at T-ara's individual members' schedule... Eunjung is starring in JTBC drama 'Queen Insoo,' Soyeon and Hyomin in musical 'Roly Poly' while Jiyeon appeared in musical 'Roly Poly' and KBS drama 'Dream High 2' side by side.

It will be too long to even list all the other programs where T-ara members have made an appearance.

T-ara commented about their schedule, saying, "We have been going for the last 10 months without a break. There are days when we have even up to nine programs a day. Also there are times when we spent 22 hours out of 24 hours juggling our schedule. Even the fans were worried and shared their concerns for us."

However, now they are testifying that their past experiences and difficulties have formed their own style of music.

"We believe our merit is that we don't stay within one concept as a girls' group but try various concepts. Do you wish to see T-ara's transformation?"

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