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‘God Of War’ Kim Joo Hyuk Receives Jung Bo Suk’s Approval After His Victory

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 04, 2012 12:51 PM EST


Kim Joo Hyuk has racked up another win for his second polo match and gains a stamp of approval from Jung Bo Suk.

In the last episode, Chung Goon, who has marked Kim Joon as his threat, purposely attacked Kim Joon in the same place he was hurt in the first round. It seemed as if Kim Joon was losing conscience, but he conquers the pain and comes out with a victory and title as the god of war.

Watching this, Choi Woo (Jung Bo Suk) complimented, "You fought well. It was a perfect victory." He regarded Kim Joon's ability highly and asked if he was able to participate in the final match due to his harsh injuries. Kim Joon replied, "How can I not finish what I started."

Choi Woo laughed at Kim Joon's response and dubbed him reliable. When asked of his wish, Kim Joon replied to grab the heart of Choi Woo, "Since the final round is not over yet, I won't speak of my wish."

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