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Sausage Party Movie Release Date Set On June 3, 2016! Upcoming Animated Film Casts Revealed! [Watch] AMC Movie News Talked About The R-Rated 3D Film!

BY wyrdarah | Aug 30, 2014 11:10 PM EDT


Although "Sausage Party" movie release date is set on 2016, AMC Movie News had already discussed the film.

Learn more about "Sausage Party" movie by watching the Youtube vide below posted by AMC Theatres:

Sausage Party Movie is an American movie, but it is 3D computer adult animated comedy film. The animated film is directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, and written by Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter, Seth Rogen and Ariel Shaffir, according to Wikipedia. Actors who starred the film are Seth Rogen (as Frank, a sausage) Jonah Hill, James Franco and Kristen Wiig.

Columbia Pictures is responsible for releasing of the upcoming movie.

The 21 Jumpstreet actor told MTV News that the he is working on an R-rated 3D-animated film. Then on January 2011, Pineapple Express director told Screen Rant shared some info about Sausage Party. The movie plot goes around "sausages in a supermarket that need to get back to their aisle before the Fourth of July."

The animated movie is still filming. Aside from this film of Pineapple Express director and Superbad actor who worked on such movies like This Is The End, they also looking forward on the upcoming film 'The Interview' which is set to be released on October 2014.

However, said that the controversial film, which revolves about the assassinating North Korean President Kim Jong-un was reported has changed the release date on Christmas.

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