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‘History Of The Salaryman’ Lee Bum Soo’s Three Funny Expressions

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 05, 2012 12:12 PM EST


Lee Bum Soo's character as Yoo Bang has received much love from viewers and is yet gaining more interest through an online community's posting of three photos of his funny expressions.

Although the three photos look very similar, a slight difference can be seen among these expressions, as netizens rave in his dialect from the drama, "Are you really suffering from side effects? I feel good after seeing your bright smile. Are you winning against Hang Woo or are things going well with Yeo Chi? I'm curious to why you're smiling."Lee Bum Soo, History of the Salaryman, Yoo Bang, Yeo Chi, Hang Woo

A producer revealed, "These three photos were taken for the drama and will make a special appearance on the 5th. Try to find it and you'll be able to realize the fun involved."

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