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Rain V. Lee Dong Wook V. Kam Woo Sung

BY Julie Jones | Sep 08, 2014 12:50 PM EDT


Soon the Wednesday-Thursday night lineup of dramas will feature three new leading men. For this week Jo In Sung is still in the mix but after that it's Rain V. Lee Dong Wook V. Kam Woo Sung.

Lee Dong Wook just finished starring in the drama "Hotel King" but Kam Woo Sung has not been in a drama since "The King of Legend" in 2010. Rain has worked on two films since finishing his mandatory military duty. He appeared in the American film "The Prince" which co-starred Bruce Willis, and his Chinese film "Difficult Love." And he is said to be in talks for two more Hollywood films. But he has not appeared in a drama since the 2010 "The Fugitive: Plan B."

But the lack of recent drama credits may not predict who wins the ratings battle. Even top star status does not always make for a ratings winner. The dramas' success in the ratings can have more to do with the script and the characters these actors play. And then there's also the matter of the leading man's chemistry with his co-star. So, which characters will these talented actors play? And which actresses will provide the onscreen romance?

In "Iron Man," Lee Dong Wook plays a man you don't want to mess around with. He has a supernatural ability to sprout knives when he is angry. Understandably he is a hard man to get close to. Shin Se Kyung plays his leading lady. She's a woman who helps him learn to cope with his pain in less destructive ways.

Rain will play Lee Hyun Wook in "My Lovely Girl."  He's a composer and music producer. Lee Hyun Wook loses his first love in an accident but then falls in love with her younger sister, played by Krystal Jung. Her character dreams of becoming a music producer like him and she also suffers from the loss of her sister. Will they be able to ease each other's pain?

In "Spring Days" Kam Woo Sung plays a CEO and a widower. He lost his wife to an accident and has to raise his two kids alone. Then he meets a woman named Lee Bo Yi, who is played by Choi Sooyoung. Lee Bo Yi got a second chance at life because she got a heart transplant. Guess whose heart it is.

Who do you think the ratings winner will be? Which one will you be watching?

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