Leap Motion Oculus Rift: Sensor Device Manufacturer Takes The VR Game To The Next Level!


Leap Motion Oculus Rift will be producing a virtual headset in addition to a new API, according to a report in Tech News World. This new invention will take the gaming experience to new heights.

According to Tech News World, the API transmits the raw images from the Leap Motion Oculus Rift sensors to the headset's controller. This will give players a realistic feel of the game's environment.

This new Leap Motion Oculus Rift device is available at $20, for purchase online, according to Tech News World.

Lewis Ward, a gaming research director at IDC, praised the benefits this device will give, according to Tech News World, saying:

"The API closes the gap between Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, and now Oculus reaches parity with, if not surpasses, what Sony is able to do with Morpheus."

Ward further said in an interview with Tech News World:

"It's essential that if you're going to do an immersive VR experience, you have your hands in there and being represented in real time."

However, in an interview with Tech News World, Eric Smith, a Strategy Analytics analyst pointed out the challenges the Leap Motion Oculus Rift presented:

"One of the main challenges VR faces is the same that 3D TV faces -- there's a lot of bulky equipment you have to put on to use it."

"Imagine being able to grab onto a virtual object with no intermediary,"

 "Things as simple as opening a door -- very mundane, but it's those very realistic experiences in VR that allow you to lose yourself when you're in those games."

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