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GTX 900 Series Release Date Confimed By Gigabyte As Formerly Called 800 Series To Be Revealed On EGX 2014! 980, 970 And 960 Launches Soon!

BY Gunther Barbosa | Sep 10, 2014 07:51 AM EDT


Good news for PC gamers who are waiting for the GTX 900 series release date to drop before upgrading their computers because Gigabyte has revealed the GTX 900 series release date!

Kitguru has confirmed that Gigabyte technology has announced the GTX 900 series release date and that the GTX 980, 970 and 960 would be released this October 2014.

But what can you expect from the GTX 900 series? has posted the specs of the GTX 980:

The GPU model of the GTX 980 would be based on the Maxwell GM204 28nm chip. The GTX 980 would have 2560 CUDA cores, 160 TMUS and 64 ROPS.

The GPU Base clock is at 1000 MHz, the GPU boost clock is 1050 MHz and the Memory clock is 1752 with an Effective memory clock of 7010 MHz.

The memory size of the GTX 980 is 4096 MB with a GDDR5 memory type with a 256-bit memory bus type and a memory bandwith of 224 GB/sec.

As for the pricing of the GTX 900 series cards (when it was still called the 800 series), Kitguru has stated that:

"the GeForce GTX 860 will unlikely cost substantially more than $300/£200, it is logical to assume that the GM204 chip is not too expensive to manufacture."

It has been reported by Cyberland that the GTX 980 is projected to be at least 30% faster than the GTX 780ti and that you can expect a full reveal of all the GTX 900 series cards on EGX 2014.

Can't wait for the GTX 900 series release date on October 2014? Sound off in the comments below and share how much you are excited for the GTX 900 series release date!

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