K-Drama Actresses Who Ruled As Queens

Park Shin Hye
Lee Yo Won
Park Se Young
Yoo In Na

Which k-drama actresses have ruled while playing queens? Quite a few have worn the crown. The most recent actress to sit on the throne is Park Shin Hye who plays a fashion conscious queen in the film "The Tailors." Her love of fashion sets off some serious political rivalries in the court.

There have been plenty of actresses who played queens in supporting roles when the dramas focused on their royal spouses. But a few too the spotlight and had more to say.

Lee Yo Won earned praise for playing Queen Seonduk, the first female ruler of the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla, in the historical drama of the same name. The real queen Seonduk ruled successfully for 14 years and was succeeded by another queen. The 2009 drama drew ratings of over 30 percent, making Lee Yo Won a bigger star.

Park Se Young played Queen Noguk in the drama "Faith: The Great Doctor." In the drama she was a Yuan princess who returned to Korea with her husband King Gongmin. Queen Noguk does not start out liking her new husband or land very much and is more attracted to General Choi Young, played by Lee Min Ho. But he falls for a time traveler, played by Kim Hee Sun, and the rest is fictional k-drama history.

The 2011 drama "Queen Insoo" had two queens. Chae Si Ra played Queen Insoo, while Kim Mi Sook, played her mother Queen Jeonghee. The two women ruled together. Chae Si Ra previously played Queen Insoo in the 1998 drama "The King and The Queen."

Yoo In Na also had a turn playing a queen, or rather an actress playing a queen. In "Queen Inhyun's Man," she was an actress who was the unjustly accused queen in a drama. But because the actress fell for a time traveler from the era of the real Queen Inhyun, she has to face some drama in her own life. Her love was sworn to uphold the honor of his queen, played by Kim Hae In.

Hong Soo Hyun played Queen Inhyun in the drama "Jang Ok Jung," which saw the story from the point of view of the concubine that temporarily displaced her. Jang Ok Jung was played by Kim Tae Hee.

Do you have a favorite k-drama or k-movie queen? Le us know.

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