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Song Ji Hyo, White See-Through Look Photo Shoot

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 20, 2012 01:54 AM EDT


Song Ji Hyo's photo shoot for Cosmopolitan's April issue was released. Her image has changed 180 degrees from what she normally shows on TV.

Song Ji Hyo is glamorously dressed in white see-through outfits, showing off her petite figure.

Because of her activities in the popular variety show, 'Running Man,' Song Ji Hyo has stated in an interview that she is being more known as a variety star. When asked if this bothered her, she stated that the show is special to her and is something "that is mine," and also makes her happy so she does not have any concerns about how it affects her image.

After the photo shoot, Song Ji Hyo immediately erases her makeup and states that she felt so much relief. Even without makeup, she is able to shine. 

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