Mac Mini 2014 Release Date Contfirmed For November 20 As Specs And Features Revealed By Apple! Professionals Deem New Apple Computer A 'PC Killer'


Good news for Apple users because the Mac Mini 2014 release date as well as it's specs and features has been finally revealed!

There is no denying that Apple makes mouth-watering devices not only in terms of external appearance, but its Operating System is such an eye candy as well. One of those devices is the Mac Mini and users saw the Mac Mini I7 leaked at the Belgian ComputerStore online.

At the time there was a rumor going around that the Haswell Mac Minis would come with the Intel I5 or the I7 processor. However it was pointed out that this leak did seem to be a placeholder for ads that could arrive in the future. Still fans of Apple were excited.

There is no doubt that Apple will use only the best and that the Mac Mini I7 will be even faster and have better looks.

There is also no doubt that it will run on the latest Mavericks and be as secure as possible. It was suggested that it would also arrive with all the usual features and software.

The Mac mini was the only Mac left in Apple's range not to have been updated in 2013. However, that's not entirely true: the MacBook Pro without Retina display remains intact, but didn't get an update either and the Mac Pro just squeezed a redesign in December 2013, but very few people had received one by mid January.

A forum poster on MacRumours claimed to have contacted a Computer Store in Belgium and been told that a new Mac mini will launch at the end of February and clearly that didn't happen.

However Cyberland has reported that the much anticipated Mac Mini 2014 release date would be on November 20, 2014 as reportedly confirmed by Apple and that the specs of Mac Mini are the following:

-Intel i7 4790 processor

-16 gigabytes of Ram

-Intel Graphics Card

Would you get the new Mac Mini once the Mac Mini 2014 release date hits? Sound off in the comments below!

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