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Joo Won Becomes A Conductor For ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’

BY Chin D | Sep 15, 2014 08:20 AM EDT


Actor Joo Won sheds his good boy image for a manly yet comedic character in the drama "Tomorrow Cantabile."

Production company Group 8 released the drama's first set of teasers starring Joo Won, who is looking spiff and handsome as his character Cha Yoo Jin, a talented music major who has a lot of fears that hinder him from attaining his dreams of becoming a world-famous conductor.

Cha Yoo Jin is the Korean counterpart of the Japanese character Shinichi Chiaki, and Joo Won's handsome posture and charismatic aura proves that he is perfect for the role.

A representative from Group 8 said, "From the beginning of production, we've had Joo Won in mind to play the main lead, and as expected, he was able to transform himself into his character Cha Yoo Jin during the first day of filming. His attitude, charisma, personality, and way of speaking is very similar to his character."

In addition, "There are very high expectations when it comes to his acting, but instead of focusing on what other people think, Joo Won has been working hard to improve himself to portray his character well. He has also been diligently practicing his conducting skills, so please anticipate this as well."

"Tomorrow Cantabile" is based on the popular Japanese manga "Nodame Cantabile" by author Ninomiya Tomoko.

The drama is scheduled to air on October 13.

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