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Kim Woo Bin Made Lee Jong Suk Cry During Seoul Fanmeet

BY Chin D | Sep 15, 2014 10:14 AM EDT


Lee Jong Suk met with 2,000 fans during the "2014 Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting in Seoul."

On September 14, Lee Jong Suk celebrated his birthday with fans during the event, which was also the inauguration of his official fan club.

The actor sang songs and played games with the fans who came and celebrated with him, and he also gave out signed clothes and props that he used in his dramas "School 2013" and "Doctor Stranger."

One highlight of the event was when his best friend Kim Woo Bin dropped by and celebrated his birthday with him. Due to their busy individual schedules, the two admitted to not being able to meet each other often, making the even more special and memorable for the both of them.

Deeply touched by his best friend's surprise appearance, Lee Jong Suk couldn't help but shed happy tears, which in turn made his fans tear up as well.

At the end of the event, Lee Jong Suk said through a video message, "I experienced a lot of difficult times lately, but because of the fans' letters and messages, I began to think that I should persevere. I will work hard to present everyone with a meaningful project."

He added, "Today, the official fan club was created, and through this, I hope everyone would continue to communicate, interact with each other, and create beautiful experiences."

Finally, he said, "I was looking forward to meeting everyone, and although I prepared a lot, I was still lacking in many aspects. I will try to work harder each time we meet so that everyone would feel like it was a worthwhile way to spend your time."

Congratulations to Lee Jong Suk!

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