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Open Source Enterprise IT Tools: Tools Of Various Kinds That Will Make Working Productive!

BY Jill | Sep 15, 2014 09:48 PM EDT


Open Source Enterprise IT Tools are now available to make work more productive in your office, as reported by The Linux Insider.

Below are discussions of some of these Open Source enterprise tools that stand out uniquely from their common counterparts. As reported in The Linux Insider, these new-generation online tools bring convenience to the productivity of works produced.

-Chaos Monkey

Chaos Monkey operates on the Amazon Web Services that filter the systems useful for work's productivity.

Chaos Monkey sustains the continuous operations of applications and services online to keep your work going.


Chef is an automated service that provides support to software running through Amazon, IBM and Rackspace.


Cobbler is an updating tool that enhances task outputs by minimizing commands and scripting. This tool is useful in cloud computing and animation.


Mustache is a handy tool that you can use for your work outputs in HTML and configuration.


Puppet is an open source enterprise IT tool which can be used to automatically store, network and provide continuous delivery.

Choose the appropriate Open Source enterprise IT tool that will fit the nature of work in your office. Make sure that the tool you will choose will provide you the benefits to allow work excellence in your job output.

Study your needs and work progress carefully before you decide which tool will be useful to you. This will ultimately save you trouble and conflicts in the long run.

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