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‘Rooftop Prince,’ Park Yoochun Goes Through Fire

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 26, 2012 01:26 AM EDT


In the 11th episode of SBS TV’s ‘Rooftop Prince,’ Lee Gak (played by Park Yoochun) tells Park Ha (played by Han Ji Min) not to like him.

Lee Gak reveals to Park Ha that the reason he is marrying Se Na (played by Jung Yoo Mi) is to return to his time period. Se Na is the reincarnation of the princess who got poisoned before he time-jumped to the present. He states that he believes that the person who poisoned the princess will also have a reincarnation that will try to take Se Na’s life. In order for him to go back to his time, he needs to find out who the killer is.

Later, Park Ha is seen trapped inside a burning warehouse. Lee Gak gets a call from Man Bo (played by Lee Min Ho) and rushes to the warehouse.

The guard finally gets the lock open when Lee Gak arrives. Ignoring the guard’s attempt to hold everyone back, Lee Gak goes in while shouting for Park Ha.

Viewers are anxiously waiting for the next episode to find out what will happen. 

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