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New 17-Member Male Idol Group From Pledis Entertainment

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 26, 2012 02:10 AM EDT


Son Dambi, After School, Orange Caramel, and NU’EST’s agency Pledis Entertainment announced that they are preparing to debut their 17-member male idol group.

The group is named ‘Seventeen,’ consisting of 17 male members around the ages of 17. The group is planning to be divided into 3 groups to actively perform in South Korea, China, and Japan at the same time.

A representative from the agency revealed on the 26th to Star News, “We’ve been preparing a group to promote in China and Japan as well…we made plans to create a group to connect with all three countries. We’re preparing a fresh new music for the stage.”

Pledis Entertainment stated that they will create a new genre ‘Asia Pop’ with their group ‘Seventeen.’ The genre will have K-Pop as its main foundation with new sounds to also appeal to the Chinese and Japanese markets. 

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