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Julien Kang Tested Negative For Drug Use After Drinking Incident

BY Chin D | Oct 02, 2014 08:08 AM EDT


Actor-model Julien Kang made headlines last September after news broke out that he was found drunk and unclothed in the Gangnam area.

On September 25, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced that actor-model Julien Kang was found loitering along the streets of Gangnam confusedly after he was reported to the police by several bystanders who realized that he wasn't wearing proper clothing.

Kang reportedly told the police, "I was out drinking with my acquaintances from 11PM to 4AM, and afterwards, I went home. I don't remember anything that happened, and I don't understand why I acted like this."

Following the event, he was brought in and tested for possible drug use by the National Institute for Scientific Investigation.

The actor's company Show Brothers reported, "According to the investigations held regarding Julien Kang's alleged use of drugs during a drinking incident that happened on September 18, the results came out negative. We hope that no more understanding arises from this incident."

Show Brothers' CEO Kim Sang Eun also explained, "Julien Kang has been greatly affected by this incident. He is hard-working and passionate, and he regrets drinking more than he is capable of. He admits to making a mistake, but we hope he would be hurt anymore by articles that are further trying to ruin his image."

He added, "On his behalf, we would like to apologize to the fans who worried about his condition. We are also grateful towards the fans who have remained loyal to him throughout this issue, and we would like to thank everyone for their support and understanding."

Through a representative, Julien Kang expressed his apologies, and said, "I am greatly ashamed of what has happened. I had caused this incident by being irresponsible with my behavior, and I apologize to the fans who have been affected by this accident. I assure everyone that I will not make another mistake like this."

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