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Gu Hye Sun's Film 'Daughter' Shown At Busan International Film Festival

BY Julie Jones | Oct 03, 2014 11:07 AM EDT


Gu Hye Sun's film "Daughter" is being shown at the Korean Cinema Today section of the 2014 Busan International Film Festival. "Daughter" focuses on the dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter, co-starring Gu and veteran actress Shim Hye Jin.

Gu, a multi-talented actress, director, singer, composer, author and illustrator, spoke about her film in the October edition of Big Issue magazine.

 "Daughter" is not the first directorial effort for the "Angel Eyes" actress but she noted that it is different from her second feature film "The Peach Tree."

"I decided to direct this movie because I wanted to work on more of a realistic material compared to the fantasy material I used to work with before," said Gu.

She both directed and starred in the film, which she says made it take longer.

"I was not satisfied with my acting as a director so it took longer to shoot the scenes but I want to be able to play variety of roles in the future as an actress."

She played a character unlike any she ever played before.

"I played a cold hearted character I have never played before," said Gu. "It is my first time acting in a movie that I was directing but I have always wanted to play a character like this one in a movie."

Gu directed Shim Hye Jin for the first time in this film and admitted to being a little intimidated by her. Still, the collaboration worked well.

"Gu Hye Sun is a bright director and it was easier working with her because of her ability to relate to actors and actresses," said Shim, who can currently be seen playing Sooyoung's mom in "Spring Days."

That's an observation that her previous stars shared. Jo Seung Woo, who worked with Gu Hye Sun in "Peach Tree," said that of all the directors he worked with, she is the most beautiful because she has the most energy and "also pesters the actors the least."

His co-star Ryu Deok Han said that, "Although she has a gentle appearance, she is very good at directing actors and since she is an actress herself, she is really generous towards the actors. She knows how to coax out emotions so I think the set was a bit comfortable in that aspect."

The actress who rose to fame playing Lee Min Ho's love interest in "Boys Over Flowers, " debuted as a director with the short film "The Madonna" at the Puchon International Film Festival, Her first feature-length film "Magic" was produced in 2010. She established her own production company Gu Hye Sun Film to produce "The Peach Tree."

Although she finds director grueling work, she knows why she does it.

"Movies have the ability to make you feel alive," she said.

"Daughter" will be released in Korea this fall.

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