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So Yi Hyun And In Gyo Jin Share Photos, Stories From Their Wedding

BY Chin D | Oct 06, 2014 10:38 AM EDT


Actress So Yi Hyun and actor In Gyo Jin finally tie the knot!

On October 4, the couple held their wedding ceremony at The Raum in Seoul, and in attendance were around 800 friends and family members of the bride and the groom.

Included in the ceremony were actor Joo Sang Wook, who acted as the master of ceremonies for the wedding, and musical actor Hong Ji Min, who sang the congratulatory song.

Before the wedding took place, In Kyo Jin shared his thoughts regarding marriage, saying, "I am finally able to empathize with those who are also getting married. I want to give my thanks to those who attended this event, and celebrated with us. We're both extremely happy."

On the topic of having children, he shared, "We talked about having children next year. Personally, I would like for our first child to be a son, and for our youngest child to be a daughter."

During an interview after their wedding ceremony, the newlyweds revealed that they started living together a week before getting married.

The actress admitted, "We've been living together for a week, even before getting married. We were preparing the home that we were going to move into. We both had permission from our parents to live together."

On how they spent the night before their wedding, So Yi Hyun shared, "We were drinking wine while talking about the past, and because I got hungry, I made cup ramyeon."

Finally, they thanked everyone for their well wishes. In Gyo Jin said, "Right now, I only have grateful words to say. I'm very happy today," and So Yi Hyun said, "Thank you to everyone who came to our wedding. We will live as a beautiful and kind family."

The married couple headed to Bali, Indonesia on October 5 for their honeymoon.


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