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Jessica Jung Moves On With New Design Plans

BY Julie Jones | Oct 06, 2014 11:02 AM EDT


Although there are contradictory reports as to why Jessica Jung left Girls Generation when she did, both sides agree that her responsibilities for her newly launched fashion brand Blanc and her performance schedules with the group created a conflict. The dispute about exactly what happened helped promote interest in the future of her new fashion brand.

The latest news about the brand is that it has been renamed Blanc & Eclare.

A press release about of the brand's name change, said that "Derived from the Latin root Clara, Eclare expresses clarity and brightness, virtues held by founder and head designer Jessica Jung. Her vision and plans for growth will lead Blanc Group to renew and reinforce our commitment to presenting fresh, modern classic designs to the fashion industry."

The brand will feature modern classic items, cleanly defined silhouettes and details that are inspired by Jessica Jung's own sense of style. Besides being a singer, songwriter, actress and dancer, Jessica Jung is well known for her sophisticated yet casual airport fashion. Known as a fashionista, it has always been her dream to design clothes. Her vision of the fashion collection also includes creating a signature scent and a glamorous line of sunglasses.

Jessica Jung has already done promotional photos for her fashion line. In the past she has modeled for other fashion lines such as Soup, Stonehenge and banilla co., but now she will devote her modeling efforts to promoting her own creations.

Netizens have in the past said that she could wear a trash bag and make it look glamorous, so her photo shoots are likely to help promote her products.

When she launched the brand in August, she said at a press conference that she was learning a lot by working with designers and fashion icons. The stylish star said that she also drew inspiration from her favorite cities, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and Paris.

In the next few weeks the company hopes to introduce new collections and partnership projects.

"Although the unveiling of Eclare was sooner than expected I am proud to be taking Blanc & Eclare to the next level," said Jessica Jung. "I am humbled by the overwhelming support this brand has received and I assure you that we will be diligent as we continually look to evolve and innovate."

Although Jessica Jung is no longer a member of Girls Generation, she is still represented by SM Entertainment and they will manage her solo career.

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