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Five Fun Facts About Jo Eun Ji

BY Julie Jones | Oct 07, 2014 11:03 AM EDT


Actress Jo Eun Ji plays No Min Woo's editor sister in "The Greatest Marriage." Her character is an editor who is willing to write terrible things about her ex, played by Bae Soo Bin, even if she knows she will get sued for defamation. She just wants to further damage his already shaky reputation. She is seeking revenge for having been loved and left by him. And no price is too high.

While watching this drama, viewers may wonder where they have seen Jo Eun Ji before. She's had supporting roles in more than a dozen films but she also played Son Ye Jin's supportive friend in the comedy "Personal Taste." She was the friend who persuaded Son Ye Jin to let Lee Min Ho move in to her house because she was sure he was gay. Her character made more than a few wrong calls in that drama but they all worked out well in the end.

Here are some more things you may not know about this occasionally funny and often quite serious actress.

1. She did not start out as a comedienne. Her first role was in the film "Tears." In this film about runaway teens she wore blond braids and worked in a hostess bar run by gangsters.

2. She married her manager. Jo Eun Ji married Park Jung-min, the CEO of the Prain talent agency in May of 2014. They met in 2006 when he became Jo's manager but they did not start dating until 2009. Actors Oh Jung Se, now starring in "Nine Plus Boys," and Ryu Hyun Kung, last seen in "Empress Ki," emceed the event. The wedding invitations featured a photograph of the bride wearing a wedding dress and gold sneakers. The wedding was described as a fun and lighthearted affair.

3. She recorded a song with actress Gong Hyo Jin. The two actresses sang "Bed's End" for the soundtrack of the film "A Bizarre Love Triangle." She and Gong Hyo Jin are good friends.

4. She's not afraid of action roles. She had a few action scenes when she played junior detective Soo Ji in the 2014 film "Target," which was a Korean adaptation of the film "Point Blank."

5. She won a 2013 Baeksang Arts Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the film "The Concubine." In that film she played Geum Ok, the maid of a woman who becomes a royal concubine against her will.

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