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First Trailer For Lee Min Ho's 'Gangnam Blues' Has Been Released

BY Adrienne Stanley | Oct 08, 2014 12:33 PM EDT


The first trailer for the upcoming Lee Min Ho film “Gangnam Blues” also known as “Gangnam 1970” was released on October 8. Lee Min Ho stars as Kim Jong Dae, a man whose life of poverty initially drives him into the heart of political corruption.

Jong Dae grows up with his best friend Yong Ki, portrayed by “A Thousand Day’s Promise” actor Kim Rae Won. As Jong Dae and Yong Ki grow older, they embark on separate paths, with Jong Dae pursuing an honest lifestyle while Yong Ki becomes heavily involved in organized crime. While this is a common theme for Korean noir films, the backdrop of Gangnam during its tumultous period of real estate development in the seventies provides an interesting premise for “Gangnam Blues.”

“Gangnam Blues” presents Lee Min Ho in his first starring role in a film. His character in “Gangnam Blues” will be his grittiest role since he portrayed Lee Yoon Sung, the conflicted son of a drug kingpin in the 2011 Korean drama “City Hunter.” Lee Min Ho followed his role in “City Hunter” with his portrayal of “Choi Young” in the 2012 SBS historical drama “Faith.” In 2013, he gained attention from K-Drama fans throughout the world with his starring role as Kim Tan in the popular teen drama “The Heirs.”

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