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Sea World Has First Successful Artificial Insemination Of Animal With Penguin 184

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 16, 2014 04:05 PM EDT


Sea World has had hundreds of baby penguins hatch at their facility during the course of the years, but they experienced the first successful artificial insemination of an animal only recently. 

Baby penguin 184 was hatched at the Sea World in San Diego 12 weeks ago, but the first images of the still unnamed Magellanic penguin were released to the public this week, according to the publication The Sideshow

The world's first "test-tube" penguin is reportedly expected to help immensely in the study of the creatures. Artificial insemination will reportedly help researchers increase diversity in the captive penguin population and help their studies of them.

"The goal of our research center is to study a species' reproductive biology, to learn as much as we can about that and use this to not only monitor the health of not only our zoological populations but wild populations as well," said Sea World's reproductive center Scientific Director Dr. Justine O'Brien.

The success breeding and birth of baby penguin 184 might also reportedly help scientists increase the number of penguins as well as other species in wildlife. 

Penguin 184 is reportedly doing well both health-wise and socially. She is reportedly seen hanging out with the natural-born penguins and has made the transition from being hand-fed by a team of biologists to eating fish on her own. 

"You could not tell if she was from frozen-thawed or fresh chilled semen or even from natural breeding. She's happy and healthy and that's what we want to see," stated O'Brien, according to Yahoo News. 

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