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'Unexpected You' Catch Writer Park Ji Eun! Drama Production War

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 12, 2012 08:43 AM EDT


Catch 'Unexpected You,' writer Park Ji Eun!

The all-Korean KBS weekend drama 'Unexpected You' is heating up its ratings and it's writer Park Ji Eun(36) is receiving the attention of drama productions from everywhere.

Writer Park who is a native of the show program writer who turned to a drama writer has hit 3 homeruns, from 2009 MBC 'Queen of Housewives' , 2011 'Queen of Reversals' and currently 'Unexpected You.'

Due to the three great back to back productions, her casting fee as a writer has shot up the roof.

Writer Park has the experience of only 3 years as a writer for dramas but has had a success in miniseries of 16 episodes and a big drama of 50 episodes. This is not only very surprising but is against the odds for a newbie writer.

Many drama productions have stated "Previously 'Queen of Housewives' was based upon how women achieve power in the real world, but her recent production 'Unexpected You,' is based upon the relationship between a complex family, telling several different stories amongst all of them. There are only few writers who are able to write like this."

"We know many productions are in the hunt of writer Park. But writer Park has consistently been working with different drama production companies not signing a contract with just one."

After her current production is done, there will be a war broken out by the drama production companies that will try to get writer Park to work with them.

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