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Young K-Drama Actresses To Watch Out For

BY Julie Jones | Oct 21, 2014 12:18 PM EDT


A few k-drama actresses under 30, and some even younger than 20, are making a positive impression in dramas and films. You may want to look out for these talented actresses in current and upcoming dramas.

Uhm Hyun Kyung: At only 22 this actress has an impressive resume. You can see her currently acting as Park Si Yeon's scheming competition in "The Greatest Marriage." But she has also appeared in "Mother's Garden," "Let's Eat," "Good Doctor," "Horse Doctor" and a few other dramas. She had a role in the 2013 film "The Unwelcome Guest."

Baek Jin Hee. The 24-year-old actress had perhaps the most impressive year. She played a poisonous empress in "Empress Ki," Kim Jaejoong's girlfriend in "Triangle," and now she gets to romance Choi Jin Hyuk in the upcoming courtroom drama "Pride and Prejudice. It has only been five years since the actress and model debuted in the drama "Loving You A Thousand Times."

Han Bo Reum. The 27-year-old actress can be seen playing Lee Hongki's celebrity love in "Modern Farmer." Before that she played the ghostly ex-girlfriend of the young So Ji Sub in "The Master's Sun. In 2013 she had roles in the drama "I Summon You Gold" and the film "Queen of the Night."

Yoon Jin Yi: Yoon, 24, recently played Sung Joon's lost childhood love in "Discovery of Romance." In that role she managed to look innocent and sweetly seductive at the same time. Her career is quickly accelerating. In the last two years she has had roles in "Gentleman's Dignity," Fugitive of Joseon," "Reply 1994," and "It's Okay, That's Love."

It has been a while since actresses Kim Sae Ron and Kim Yoo Jung made their debut but they are both forging new careers as adult actresses.

Kim Sae Ron: She's only 14 but she prefers that audiences see her as an actress rather than a child actress.

"Despite my young age, I think people see me as an actress and not as a child actor," she told Korean Cinema Today. "It seems that these days, the definition of child actor has become equivalent with playing the childhood role of a certain adult character. And this is why I like being called an actress as it means people are seeing me in a different way."

She's currently in "Hi! School-Love On." But she has appeared in the thrillers "I Am Father" and "The Neighbots, as well as "Manshin" and "A Girl At My Door."

At 15 Kim Yoo Jung is also stepping away from the label of a child actress. She has been acting for 10 years, with two-dozen roles to her credit, but this year she drew rave reviews for her role as a bully in the film "Elegant Lies." Viewers can also catch her in the historical drama "Secret Door."

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