The cast and crew of "Mission Impossible 5" were seen shooting in different locations, including Vienna and Morocco. Fans got a chance to see Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast in action through leaked photos and videos. There was even a footage that showed Ethan Hunt and his new leading lady (Rebecca Ferguson) rappelling from the rooftop.

Apart from the leaked videos and images, fans also got a chance to see rare behind-the-scenes photos on the Twitter accounts of filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie and Simon Pegg. The "Edge of Tomorrow" director posted a photo of Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames. He captioned the image, "The team is back."

These four actors have worked together in previous "Mission: Impossible" movies so they already have a close relationship. This is evident in the bromance of Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg. The British comedian posted a photo of himself and the 52-year old actor relaxing under the sun. He captioned the Twitter photo, "Another brutal day on set. This is shaping up to be a formidable challenge! @chrismcquarrie @TomCruise #MI5diary." The duo really looked cute together.

During an interview with Event magazine early this year, Simon Pegg expressed his admiration for his "Mission Impossible 5" co-star and revealed how he's preparing for his role. He said, "I thought I'd ask Tom Cruise for some exercise tips. He's 51, looks fantastic."

The English actor added, "I was asking what he did after filming because I thought if I had his secret I'd do the same. And then he told me - like two hours of wind sprints, things I hadn't even heard of, endless hours of it." Pegg later on said, "So I thought f**k that... I'll just watch what I eat."

Apart from the original cast, new actors like Alec Baldwin have started bonding (or so it may seem) with their co-stars. Simon Pegg posted a stolen shot of Jeremy Renner and the 56-year old actor on Twitter during their break. He captioned the photo, "Here's @Renner4Real and #AlecBaldwin between takes, possibly texting each other. (Photo by @chrismcquarrie) MI5Diary

The awkward moment between two superstars was really hilarious. Renner replied to the Tweet, "yes, we were texting each other's baby photos. #prouddads." Pegg answered back, "Yeah, right! #dickpics" The "Avengers 2" star replied again, "sounds like someone's sad to be out of the circle of trust? Haha."

It's really cool seeing the cast of "Mission Impossible 5" tease each other like they are more of close pals than colleagues. The producers did a great job of getting back the original actors. Do you want to see a "Mission Impossible 6" soon?