With no actual experience in the romance department, Jane makes a crucial decision with her relationship with Michael in 'Jane The Virgin' season 1 episode 3! Jane finally tells Michael that she's ready to lose her virginity.

Meanwhile, Michael investigates Roman Zosa's death. With intel on his secret relationship with Rafael's wife, Petra, he confronts her about it. Did she do it or is there an unknown killer in their midst?

On the other hand, Jane and the father of her child, Rafael, get to know each other based on the photos released by CW.

Jane's mother, Xiomara, continue to hide the truth from her daughter and it looks like she enlisted the help of Jane's abuela. When will she finally meet her father (who is also her favorite telenovela star)?

Watch 'Jane The Virgin' season 1 episode 3 teaser below. You can also see additional photos in the gallery!