Transformers 5 Release Date Moved From 2016 To 2017? Michael Bay And Mark Wahlberg Bow Out, While Megan Fox Prepares For A Comeback?

Transformers 5
Michael Bay
Mark Wahlberg
Megan Fox

"Transformers 5" release date was originally speculated to be sometime in 2016; however, expectations have shifted, moving it to 2017.

Breathe Cast clarified this new prediction in the "Transformers 5" release date, detailing that it may occur in the summer of the said year. This latest development supports Screen Rant's assessment that considered a target launch in 2016 as an unrealistic expectation for Paramount Pictures, despite the box-office success of the movie.

However, as opposed to previous speculations, Michael Bay would no longer be directing the next franchise. Also, a new actor would be replacing Mark Wahlberg, reported Breathe Cast.

As it turned out, Bay had hinted about this on the day "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" premiered. But he did not finalize and confirm his decision to the public until earlier this month.

His exact words on this, as featured on Breathe Cast, said:

"There's a lot that's unexplored, but that's for the next director to figure out. They're hard movies to do and it takes every day for two years. They're fun, but they're hard."

As of this writing, Paramount has not yet announced any possible candidates to take Bay's place. The site noted that their people may have a hard time searching for the right replacement, whose skills in cinematography could equal that which Bay has exhibited in the previous installments.

With this come rumors about the possible return of Megan Fox in the upcoming sequel. Yes, there are strong indications that the plot of "Transformers 5" would pick up where "Transformers 4" left off. Nevertheless, Fox's comeback remains dubious, Breathe Cast surmised.

Given all these changes brewing in the forthcoming franchise, what can fans expect from "Transformers 5"?

According to Hallels, aside from an alleged continuation of the battle between the   Autobots and Decepticons, their descendants the Maximals and Predacons would also figure in the story.

With four groups of robots set to occupy the big screen, observers could only predict more action and excitement awaiting the fans.  However, neither they nor the observers could confirm any speculations until they see the actual movie - and this would only be possible after the studio announces a more specific "Transformers 5" release date.

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