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K-Dramas For Halloween: Ghosts, Gumihos And Vampires

BY Julie Jones | Oct 31, 2014 12:12 PM EDT


If you are looking for something to do while eating trick-or-treat candy, consider watching a k-drama with a ghost, a gumiho or a vampire. Here are a few of our spine-chilling favorites:

"The Master's Sun": Gong Hyo Jin is sick of looking at ghosts in this horror romcom that also stars So Ji Sub. But you may welcome both the chilling and comic ways her visions jump out at her. There are ghost brides and concerned grandmothers, lost souls and vengeful spirits, many of whom haunt the mall that So Ji Sub runs. Although the mood is comic, the ghosts are creepy.

"My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho": Having a boyfriend who is a vampire might seem easier than having a girlfriend who is actually a gumiho or nine-tailed fox. Vampires only drink your blood but gumihos eat men's livers. Can Lee Seung Gi as a college student and Shin Min Ah as a gumiho find true love? Tune in for one scary romance.

"Gu Family Book": This historical fantasy drama also features gumihos and half-gumihos. Choi Jin Hyuk, in what was arguably his breakout role, plays the demon undone by love. The half gumiho is played Lee Seung Gi.

"Bride of the Century": There's a ghost and a curse in this drama, starring Lee Hongki. He plays the heir of a family that's beset upon by a curse. The curse says the first wife of the family's first son will die. The ghost in this drama is not the villain. It's the chillingly evil humans who conspire to use the curse for their own gain.

"Arang and the Magistrate": In this historical horror romance Shin Min Ah is a ghost who does not know how she died. Lee Joon Ki can hear ghosts but does not want to be bothered by them. He tries to ignore her but eventually sees some advantages in teaming up.

"49 Days": In this drama Nam Gyu Ri plays a woman who is not yet technically a ghost. She is in a coma and she has been given 49 days to live inside another woman's body and prove that she was loved while she was alive. The person giving the orders is an angel of death known as The Scheduler, played by Jung Il Woo.

"Vampire Prosecutor": He's a vampire but he only drinks the blood of those who are already dead. And when he does he can see how they died. The vampire, played by Yun Jun Hoon, uses this knowledge to solve crimes.  

"Vampire Idol": This comedy incorporates vampires and idols, so at least the monsters are pretty. This comedy about a vampire who wants to be an idol is notable for early performances from Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jung Hyun and Kim Woo Bin.

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