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Park Shin Hye's Symptoms In 'Pinocchio'

BY Julie Jones | Nov 04, 2014 09:31 AM EST


In the upcoming drama "Pinocchio," Park Shin Hye plays Choi In Ha, a reporter who suffers from a condition known as Pinocchio Syndrome. Choi In Ha hiccups every time she tells a lie.

Although some people are so shy, they stutter or blush when engaging in awkward social situations, such as lying, there is no actual condition known as Pinocchio Syndrome. The condition is named after the children's story about a wooden boy named Pinocchio. The wooden boy could not tell a lie because when he did, his nose grew.

In the k-drama version of the story, Park Shin Hye will have hiccups. And while her nose will remain the same attractive length, her character will have a predictable set of symptoms that viewers can watch out for.

According to the drama's official website, Pinocchio Syndrome happens in one out of 43 people. And the fictional condition is not treatable. The only thing people with the syndrome can do is not to lie. And it's not just a problem if they lie while they are speaking. They will start to hiccup even if they tell a lie while on the phone or even when sending a text.

If it's a small almost harmless lie, like saying "I'm fine" when you're not, the hiccups will fade away. But a big lie, the kind of lie that can harm people, will cause the person to keep hiccupping until they tell the truth.

The drama's production team says the made-up syndrome illustrates how often people lie in their daily lives.

"We will be telling a story about things we mindlessly say in our everyday lives through the made-up syndrome called 'Pinocchio Syndrome.' Please show your love and interest in the man who lives with a lie and the woman who cannot tell a lie and whether or not they will discover the truth after they become reporters."

Because people tell harmless lies all the time, not being able to lie does create problems for those affected by the syndrome. Such people might have a hard time getting along with others at school or at work. That will be the case for Choi In Ha. She would never be able to tell a girlfriend that a dress looks fine on her when it did not. She would never be able to misrepresent the truth to spare someone's feelings.

The drama, starring Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Young Kwang and Lee Yubi, starts Nov. 12. Are you looking forward to this drama? Let us know.

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