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Will Lee Joon Leave MBLAQ To Focus On Acting?

BY Julie Jones | Nov 04, 2014 02:09 PM EST

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Lee Joon keeps earning praise for his acting roles and his contract with his agency J.Tune Camp is about to expire. This has naturally led fans to wonder if the singer-turned-actor is ready to leave the group MBLAQ behind and focus primarily on acting.

The rumors that he would not renew his contract began circulating in October. When they first broke, it was also rumored that fellow MBLAQ member Thunder would not stay with the group.

Further strengthening the rumor was a comment made by fellow MBLAQ member G.O. on Twitter. He made a vague comment about selfishness. But the agency released a statement saying that nothing had been confirmed.

Lee Joon attended a press conference for his upcoming drama "Mr. Baek" on Nov. 3. At the press conference he was asked if would be leaving MBLAQ.

The singer's statement agreed with that of his agency.

"It is true that the contract is getting closer to the termination date, but I'm still in discussions," he said. "I would like to let you know once things are confirmed. But since I don't use SNS, I think it will be announced through the agency or a media outlet. Nothing has been confirmed yet."

At the press conference the actor also admitted that he was having a hard time with his role as a corporate heir in the fantasy romance "Mr. Baek." Could it have something to do with the added pressure of his contract negotiations?

"Honestly, it's hard," he said of his role. "As I was filming I realized how bad my acting was. I am having trouble mentally."

In "Mr. Baek" Lee Joon plays the son of a 70-year-old company president who miraculously finds himself in his 30-year-old body and then falls in love for the first time. That means the now 30-ish president is around the same age as his son. The fantasy comedy also stars Shin Ha Gyun, Jang Nara, Park Ye Jin and Jung Suk Won.

Lee Joon may admit to some difficulty with his current role but he has taken on and mastered some challenging parts in the past. He won praise for his performance as a jaded idol in the film "Rough Play" and a twisted barista in the drama "Gap Dong." He also appeared in the dramas "Iris 2" and "Phantom."

Next year he can be seen in the films "Guest" and "Seoul Station."

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