In last Monday's 'The Originals' season 2 episode 5 episode, Klaus nearly turned to ash after being stabbed by Mikael with the white oak stake. In a twist of events, Khol helped Divina to temporarily deactivate the stake's power for a while, giving Cammie a chance to pull it off of Klaus' chest.

For the first time ever, Klaus, Marcel, Hayley and Davina worked together to overpower Mikael, albeit they all have selfish reasons for wanting to keep Klaus alive.

The whole while, Elijah was being "cleansed" by their mother. It involved discovering what kind of killer he really was. What will happen to him once Esther is done with him?

According to The CW's promo video, Klaus will get his brother back - at least an altered version of himself. It is yet unclear whether Esther managed to "cleanse" him or if she just brainwashed him into wanting the cure for vampirism.

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