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'Great Doctor' Shin Eun Jung Commits A Cruel Murder On Her First Appearance...Villain Preview

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 21, 2012 09:31 AM EDT


Actress Shin Eun Jung, who usually appears with a pure image, changed to a villain.  

On the 3rd episode of the SBS Monday Tuesday drama 'Great Doctor' (Screenplay by Song Ji Na, Produced by Kim Jong Hak) aired on the 20th, Shin Eun Jung made her first appearance as, Hwa Soo In, who is Ki Cheol(Yoo Oh Sung)'s priest and someone who is skilled with chemical powers.

From her first appearance, Hwa Soo In was filled with charisma. After Ki Cheol failed to kill princess Noguk(Park Se Young), she appeared to fix the situation. Different from her looks, she appeared to be a villain that commits harsh actions. 

After Hwa Soo In lost an opportunity to kill princess Noguk, due to her own mistakes, she killed a fellow criminal with her chemical powers. She was a villain that did not seem to have any guilt and was not seen hesitating to commit these kinds of actions.

Meanwhile, Shin Eun Jung played a calm and pure image in past historical dramas; however, she seemed to completely change that image.

Other than Hwa Soo In, Cheon Eum Ja(Sung Hoon) was seen using sonic powers, and they used computer graphics to show these kinds of scenes.

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