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When Jo In Sung won the Daesang or top prize at the APAN Star Awards, he had plenty of people to thank. He credited his performance as the delusional mystery novelist to the drama's writer and director and his co-star, actress Gong Hyo Jin. In that drama she played the psychiatrist who loves him even after she realizes the extent of his problems.

"This is the biggest award I received after filming the drama," said Jo In Sung. "I am grateful to writer No Hee Kyung and director Kim Kyu Tae for believing in an improbable actor two dramas in a row."

The actor also worked with this writer and director in last year's melodrama "That Winter The Wind Blows."

But the actor was also grateful to his co-star Gong Hyo Jin. He said that she was the real reason he received the award.

 "I think I received the award thanks to Gong Hyo Jin," he said "I don't think I would have been able to act like that without her. I am really thankful and I am sorry I was not able to be better to you while filming."

While the two actors did have undeniable chemistry, Jo In Sung is also good at helping his female co-stars to shine.

This year's awards covered dramas that ran between Nov. 1, 2013 and September 2014. "It's Okay That's Love" also took home awards for two other actors. EXO's D.O. won "Best New Actor." Lee Kwang Soo took home a popularity award.

"You Who Came From The Stars" won five awards. Jang Tae Yoo received the Best Director award. Kim Hyun Soo received the Best Child Actress award. Kim Soo Hyun received the Top Excellence Award and Jun Ji Hyun received the Hallyu Star Award.

"Secret Affair" also did well. Kim Hee Ae received the Top Excellence Award for Acting. Kim Hye Eun received the Best Supporting Actress award and writer Jung Soo got the best writer award.

'Wonderful Days" had three awards with Ryu Seung Soo getting Best Supporting Actor, Kim Hee Sun getting Top Excellence Award for Acting in a Long Drama and Choi Kwon Soo winning Best Child Actor.

"Jang Bo Ri Is Here" took home two prizes, the Excellence Award for Acting in a Long Drama for Kim Ji Hoon, and the Best Child Actress award for Kim Ji Young.

"Reply 1994" also earned two awards with Jung Woo winning an "Excellence Award for Acting in a Medium Length Drama and Son Ho Joon winning a Best New Actor award.

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