Lee Seung Gi Signs On For Seven Personalities

Lee Seung Gi
Kill Me Heal Me
Park Seo Joon

Lee Seung Gi has signed on to play a character with seven personalities. He will play the leading role, or should we say roles, in the upcoming MBC drama "Kill Me, Heal Me." It is one of three upcoming dramas about men with more than one personality.

The other dramas are "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde," which Hyun Bin will star in, and "Dr. Frankenstein," which Kim Soo Hyun may star in. Both of those characters only have one alternate personality. But Lee Seung Gi gets to play seven distinct personalities inhabiting one body.

The actor and his agency, Hook Entertainment, are currently in negotiations over the final details of his appearance. The Korean-Chinese collaboration has a budget of approximately $1.5 million. And since Lee Seung Gi is so popular in China, he was a natural choice for the leading role.

While Lee Seung Gi's character has seven personalities, one is dominant. But that does not mean his life is peaceful. The other personalities often disagree with the choices made by his main personality and while he is under their influence he may sabotage his own best interests. This creates problems at work and when he is in love.

Lee Seung Gi's character realizes he needs help and seeks therapy. His main personality falls in love with the doctor who treats him, but that does not mean the other personalities approve of this important life decision.

Is romance the cure his character needs?

Park Seo Joon, last seen in "Witch's Romance" plays the second lead in this drama. But there may be no need for a second lead in any potential love triangle as Lee Seung Gi's alternate personalities may be his own worst enemies. 

Although the premise seems potentially confusing, with so many personalities to define, the actors and production talent involved in this drama are sure to attract interest.

Lee Seung Gi's last two dramas, the fantasy saeguk "Gu Family Book" and the police drama "You're All Surrounded," were ratings hits.

The drama's screenwriter is none other than Jin Soo Won, who wrote the hit drama "The Moon Embracing The Sun. "Kill Me Heal Me" also has the same producers. Kim Jin Man, who directed "Scandal" and "East of Eden" is the director for "Kill Me, Heal Me."

The female lead, the doctor who attempts to cure Lee Seung Gi's dissociative disorder, has not yet been cast.

The Wednesday-Thursday drama will air in January 2015, following "Mr. Baek."

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