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'Punch' To Detail One Man's Dangerous Pursuit Of Justice

BY Julie Jones | Nov 19, 2014 01:04 PM EST


Following the law and order theme of "You're All Surrounded" and "Pride and Prejudice," the upcoming drama "Punch" takes a look at the ethical questions faced by criminal investigators.

Is it okay to ignore wrongdoing in the pursuit of bigger goals? Can prosecutors engage in unethical practices to catch bad guys? Can the good guys be bad every now and then and get away with it?

In this drama Kim Rae Won plays Chief Investigator Park Jung Hwan, a man who often ignored justice to achieve what he thought of as the greater good. But in the process of getting what he wants Park Jung Hwan has lost some of his soul. When Park finds out that he has a fatal brain tumor he begins to reexamine his choices. With only six months to live, he tries to make amends by pursuing justice whatever the cost. He is prepared to sacrifice his life. The title refers to his last effort to make things right, one final punch against injustice. The story of his efforts is told through the recordings of his last months.

It's Kim Rae Won's first small screen appearance in three years, as he last appeared in the 2011 drama "A Thousand Years Promise." He can also be seen this year in the Lee Min Ho film "Gangnam 1970."

Actress Kim Ah Joong plays Sin Ha Kyung, a Seoul District Investigator who chose the pursuit of justice over a lucrative law career. She was once married to Park Jung Hwan and never stopped loving him. But given their unhappy history she also hates him. Will she help him in his dangerous quest?

Kim Ah Joong was last seen in the 2014 films "Steal My Heart" and "Amazing." Her last small screen appearance was also three years ago when she appeared in the 2011 drama "Sign."

"Punch" also stars Cho Jae Hyun as Lee Tae Joon, the corrupt Public Prosecutor General. Since Park Jung Hwan is going to die, he decides to expose Lee Tae Joon's corruption. And that could have dangerous consequences.

Cho Jae Hyun last appeared in the award-winning "Jeong Do Jeon" and "Scandal," as well as the film "The Fatal Encounter."

Also cast in the drama are Choi Myung Gil, last seen in 'Future's Choice," On Joon Wan, last seen in "Surplus Princess," and Seo Ji Hye, last seen in the drama "Noblewoman."

Park Kyung Soo, who wrote "The Chaser" and "Empire of Gold," is the screenwriter for "Punch."

Le Myung Woo, who directed the dramas "You're All Surrounded," "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" and Daemul," as well as the Joo Won film "Fashion King," is the director for "Punch."

The drama follows "Secret Door" on Dec. 15.

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