After Dean's first kill since being cured last episode, it looks like he'll be dealing with more bloodshed in episode 7.

According to the teaser for 'Girls, Girls, Girls' the Winchester brothers will hunt down a demon running from Crowley, but before they can kill it, a new female character "steps in and takes things into her own hands."

They eventually learn that this new woman is actually a witch who is building her own army. According to previous reports, Rowena (Ruth Connell) will be "a tough but elegant woman who will stop at nothing to reclaim her power base."

Viewers will have to watch this Tuesday's episode to find out just what this power base is.

Meawhile, Castiel and Hannah will grow closer together (and even kiss!) before "Hannah runs into a blast from her vessel's past" making their relationship complicated.

The ladies' man Dean, on the other hand, finds himself looking for love - or at least a woman - on Tinder!

Watch episode 7's trailer and browse through the gallery for some 'Supernatural' season 10 photos!