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Ha Ji Won, "Ha Jung Woo Taught Me How To Eat"

BY Staff Reporter | Nov 23, 2014 07:45 PM EST


Actress Ha Ji Won mentioned the actor turned director Ha Jung Woo, whom she filmed the upcoming movie "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" together. Actress Ha Ji Won said in a recent interview, "He was a manly man. I liked it a lot. He was a 100 out of 100 as an actor, 100 out of 100 as a director, so he scored a total of 200," and complemented her colleague. She also hinted that, in the film, fans would see the whole family eating food in joy, adding that Ha Jung Woo taught her how to eat. In related news, the film "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" tells a story of a blood merchant, played by director Ha Jung Woo, and features actress Ha Ji Won as his wife, and actress Yoon Eun Hye as the woman he has an affair with. In the film, the blood merchant has a son with his wife and soon after finds out that the son is not his, but from his wife's relationship with another man in the neighborhood. The movie chronicles the blood merchant's responsibility as a father in an ancient patriarchal Chinese society, and the wife's (Ha Ji Won) suffering as a woman in love and a mother. 

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