Although NBC ordered only 13 episodes for the premiere season of "Constantine," John Constantine (Matt Ryan) will still be battling the growing darkness for the next eight episodes.

According to the episode 6 synopsis, the dark arts dabbler will have to relive the horrors he experienced in exorcising Astra. As viewers know, Constantine caused a friend's daughter her soul when he dabbled into some very dark activities to get rid of the demon possessing the girl. Unfortunately, he failed.

He has to "put aside his misgivings about exorcising a child when a malevolent spirit takes hold of a young boy. " Before he can do that though, he has to face the child's sceptical parents. Will he be able to make them see the truth in time to save the boy?

Will he be able to save the child this time? Or will he have another child's innocent soul on his conscience?

Watch the episode 6, "Rage Of Caban," teaser video or view some "Constantine" photos here.